Tiziana Lanza

I am the person who started the EGU conferences about Earth Sciences and Art. I am an author and science writer. Please visit my personal web site for more details.


Our Team. 

Niamh Shaw

Dr Niamh Shaw, Irish engineer, scientist and performer is passionate about awakening people’s curiosity and merging performance and theatre with communication, engineering, science, art, and technology. She is interested in pushing boundaries in telling the human story behind science, particularly through Space themes, creating science events for both family and arts audiences. for more details visit:  www.niamhshaw.ie

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Sam Illingworth

Dr Sam Illingworth is a Senior Lecturer in Science Communication at Manchester Metropolitan University. Sam trained as an atmospheric physicist, and then spent time lecturing in Japan and China, where he also investigated the relationship between science and theatre. His current research is concerned with empowering members of society with science using a variety of different media, including poetry and theatre. You can find out more about Sam on his website: www.samillingworth.com

Have convened the Earth&Art Session at EGU with us: 

Giuliana Rubbia INGV-Rome Italy

Aquiles Negrete- UNAM- Ciutad de Mexico

Giuliana D'Addezio INGV-Rome
Ravi Kapur - Carbon Visuals-United Kingdom

Angela Saraò OGS - Trieste- Italy 

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